Rachel now lives in Port Orange FL. where she runs a small Astronautics Company with her Boyfriend.  But keeping with the spirit of her art, she joined The Florida Womens Art Association and became Vice President and Webmaster of their Board.  Although Ms. Campbell still uses film she has adapted to the digital age by conceding to the convenience of her cell phone camera.  She has experimented in many fields of imagery and found architecture and cityscapes top on her list.  These days she challenges herself with organic abstract, using texture and color.  She says, “By taking out the perception of hard lines only then can you see the genuinely natural anomaly of no lines”.

Apathy towards photography however did not hinder Ms. Campbell’s dealings in the art world. She began a career that spanned nearly a decade of working as an Art Model.  By starting a foundation with workshops at The Fall City Fine Art Studio, in Fall City WA., which featured Masters Painters such as Dan Thompson to Master Drawers like Robert Liberace she was able to propel to top art schools.  From institutions such as Gage Art Academy and Cornish Collage of the Arts in Seattle WA. to New York NY. where she was employed with The New York Art League and The Janus Collaborative School of Art.  Which all helped  lead her  to private studios with renowned Artists like Michael Grimaldi and David Gray.  Through her travels and inspired by all the many variety of artists she befriended and learned from, Rachel once more picked up the camera and began experimenting…. this time with a purely artistic incentives.

Rachel Campbell

Born and raised in Washington, Rachel Campbell picked up her first film camera in high school where she found she had a knack for photography.  Although originally drawn to candid images, after going through business photography courses, Rachel found she enjoyed the complexities of setting up and processing of products imagery.  In the natural course of life she started her own photography business where for a few years she built up a portfolio of not only products, but social gatherings, weddings and portraits. However disgruntled by mundane and petty competition she folded the business and put down the camera for several years.