"Fantasy Beach" recovered/transformed polystyrene mosaic, 36"x12"

"Flight Artavita" sculpture, recovered/transformed Styrofoam, copper, stone

"Black Bird Fly" mixed media on stainless steel, 32"x32"

Rachel Lynn Thompson

"Beauty and spirituality define my work."
Having been identified as an artist since childhood, my life journey has included exposure to fine arts and artists, some of whom I've had the honor of studying with.  I quest to impart soulfulness into my works so that they are  animate and interactive.  Light, reflection and color are key.  Diverse media offer a multitude of tools.  My latest engagement is in repurposing and transforming waste polystyrene into an art form. Along with my partner Chester Perkowski we are redeeming waste plastics from their origins of mass production and their destiny to the dump by rerouting them to the artisan's studio.  In so doing they truly have taken on a new life and appear surprisingly natural.

"Complimentary" mixed media on stainless steel. 32"x32"

"Chief Two Moons" oil on board 24"x36"

"Tessarae Neckwrap" recovered/transformed styrofoam


email: iamartrachel@gmail.com