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Frances Hodges Carson started winning awards in grade school going so far as being Nominated to the American Pen Women, at 18 she was one of the youngest women ever to win membership. She worked as a commercial artist in Baltimore returning to college part time when her youngest child started school working at Anne Arundel Community College, Essex Community College, Maryland Institute College of Art, and University of MD in College Park. She received her BFA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in 1987.



Wendy Wells-Finn

​Niki Byram

Georgia is primarily self-taught, but has studied under Artists Virginia Curry, Roanne Elias, Charles Schaefer, Frank Ferranti, and most recently Barbara Perotti.

Her most well-known watercolors are Florida water birds, but recently started working in oils on landscapes, birds, seascapes, still life and floral.

Georgia has exhibited at the Halifax Art Festival, Ponce Inlet Fine Artfest, Port Orange Artfest, Ormond Casements Artfest, and the Gallery of Local Art. She has won awards for her watercolors as well as her landscape oils.  Her art has not only been sold locally but all over the US, and as far as the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden. She has been published in the Destination Flagler, FCAL’s Celebration of Art, and the Halifax Magazine.  She is a member of the Art League of Daytona Beach, Flagler County Art League, The Florida Women’s Art Association and the St. Augustine Art Association.

                                                         "Doing something I have always wanted to do, fulfilling a dream." G. Johnson

Lisa Argentieri

Jan is a local girl, native to the Daytona Beach area.  While studying art in school she tried all the mediums available.  While life and raising a family had started to manifest, the Arts went to the back burner.  When finding herself an empty-nester in 2006, Jan's interest in the arts rekindled and she now enjoys painting in oil, acrylic & mixed media capturing local scenes.

While fall art shows have been a profitable and fun way to display and sell her art works, they have also helped keep her up on new techniques and styles.

Jan has not only won many awards and ribbons, but has also taught classes and judged shows.

Apathy towards photography however did not hinder Ms. Campbell’s dealings in the art world. She began a career that spanned nearly a decade of working as an Art Model.  By starting a foundation with workshops at The Fall City Fine Art Studio, in Fall City WA., which featured Masters Painters such as Dan Thompson to Master Drawers like Robert Liberace she was able to propel to top art schools.  From institutions such as Gage Art Academy and Cornish Collage of the Arts in Seattle WA. to New York NY. where she was employed with The New York Art League and The Janus Collaborative School of Art.  Which all helped  lead her  to private studios with renowned Artists like Michael Grimaldi and David Gray.  Through her travels and inspired by all the many variety of artists she befriended and learned from, Rachel once more picked up the camera and began experimenting…. this time with a purely artistic incentives.

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As well as being published in numerous magazines Lisa has been featured on many watercolor painting websites. She was Internationally recognized after being highlighted on both The Daniel Smith Art Materials  and The Escoda Brush Company (Brazil, Spain) websites.

  Joan Baliker studied fashion illustration and design at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

    In 1950 she started her art career in California as an interior decorator.  Being a military officer's wife Joan had the opportunity to travel around the world and study the art forms and cultures of the various countries in which they lived inspiring her to become an Interfaith Minister.  Sculptures have become her voice in where she can express her beliefs. 

  Guiding observers in Faith and knowledge, helping them to find a better understanding of the common ground in humanity.

Janet Bernardini

Having moved to Florida in June of 2014 she is a fairly new resident of Ormond Beach, loving the tranquil ocean setting.  She works primarily in acrylics and watercolors.   Her repertoire includes painting pet portraits, serving trays with original artwork under the protection of a thick layer of resin, and 4x6 lined Treasure boxes with original art work on the tops, as well as a master mask maker.  She has taught and taken art classes for nearly 20 years in California, and Florida.

Live each moment with Joy, Love and a twinkle in your eyes!

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​​Joan Baliker

Niki Byram has written and illustrated a book of poetry.  She’s a photography as well as painter

Frances Hodges Carson

Georgia Johnson


Kay Botet moved to Ormond Beach after many years in south Florida. There she taught art in the Miami Dade County Public Schools as well as served six years in the Museum Education Program at the Florida International University as an Educational Consultant.

 Her favorite source of inspiration is earth forms and the colors of nature, capturing their essences in her Plein Air watercolor paintings. She believes there is something extraordinary and compelling about the sensory experience of painting on site that makes it unique. “To spend the day outside experiencing the light, patterns and rhythm of nature is the best it can be.” She says.

 Botet is a signature member of The Florida Watercolor Society.  She frequently shows at The Casements in Ormond Beach, and recently exhibited at the Webber Gallery in Ocala. Her works have been shown at such places as The Ximenez–Fatio House in Saint Augustine, The Museum of Florida Art Biennial in DeLand, The Art League of Daytona Beach as well as with  The Florida Watercolor Society( an on line exhibit).  Spreeding out to juried exhibits such as The Fine Art Center and Bascom Louise Gallery in Highlands NC. along with the American Impressionist Society National Exhibit at The Nichols Fine Art Gallery in Taos, NM.

Born and raised in Washington Rachel Campbell picked up her first film camera in high school where she found she had a knack for photography.  Although originally drawn to candid images, after going through business photography courses, Rachel found she enjoyed the complexities of setting up and processing of products imagery.  In the natural course of life she started her own photography business where for a few years she built up a portfolio of not only products, but social gatherings, weddings and portraits. However disgruntled by mundane and petty competition she folded the business and put down the camera for several years.   

Cindy Dennis

"Be who god meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."  St. Catherine of Siena  

LMNTLart – Elemental Art

Wendy has been creating and teaching for over 25 years.  Although primarily self-taught, she has studied with PBS Series Instructor and Award Winning painter Barclay Sheaks, as well as renowned artists such as Pat Dews, John Barber, Carrie Burns Brown, Nita Leland amongst others.  Winner of juried show awards, her work is in collections across the US and Europe.  Honored with a one-woman exhibit and nominated for the Alli Award, she has been recognized in the Int’l Art Expo in New York City. Wendy's other works include costume and set design for Grammy winning artists.  Not only is she the Founding & Executive Director of the Bay School Community Arts Center in Virginia, she is also a published author for the School Arts Magazine.   

Ronda Richley communicates her sensitivity and passion for the human spirit in her unique series of paintings and mixed media that are inspired by
such subjects as trees and heart motifs.  She imbues her subjects with
positive symbolic references.

Richley lives in Orlando Florida, where she enjoys an active art career on
both national and international levels. Ronda was selected twice to be the
poster artist for Florida Hospital’s Art of Healing Gallery. Her artwork
graces the walls of many prestigious private collectors’ homes throughout
the world, including the France family, owners of Daytona Speedway, and
Attorney Thomas Nicholl, in the United States, Dr. and Mrs. James Shea, Attorney Steven Milbrath, as well as those in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

She mentored her children’s interests, volunteered in their schools, served on the PTA Board, created stage sets and costumes for various musicals and worked as a substitute teacher. She served on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, MD chairing shows and fundraisers. She worked as an art teacher with the continuing education programs at both Anne Arundel Community College and Prince George’s County Community College in MD.
Fran Carson became a Florida resident in 1993. Extensive travel has allowed her to visit museums and galleries throughout the US, Europe and elsewhere increasing her appreciation of the importance of art in our lives as well as its value as a means of communication between cultures.

She has shown in many places including 2 one woman shows. Her painting of the Maryland State House was published in the Annapolitan Magazine in October1988. Her painting, Cypress, was published in American Artist Magazine in August 1990.
Painting is her first love in the arts although she has won awards in other areas. She works in multiple media and often combines fiber and findings with painting. Her primary mediums are oil and watercolor.

Ginger Roberts moved to Florida in 1973 after growing up on a farm in the Midwest and getting a degree in nursing.  After twenty years as a critical care nurse, while dabbling in many creative endeavors, Ginger stumbled across a new and different art form, Mixed Media Figurative Sculpture.

 Ginger’s inspiration can come from anywhere, but she is drawn to fantasy, myths, and legends.  The figures might come from a fable she read, a phrase she heard, or someone she passes on the street, even a piece of music might feed her creativity.  She strives to give the viewer an emotional experience they might not have had in the past, but hopefully will want to repeat again and again.

 Her work has been shown in many venues around Florida and in numerous other state galleries and exhibits.  She is a patron member of NIADA, a worldwide organization of outstanding original figurative mixed media artists.

 Ginger’s realistic figures challenge the viewer to imagine a life where whimsical characters come to life and invites one to make them part of their world.

Rachel now lives in Port Orange FL. where she runs a small Astronautics Company with her Boyfriend.  But keeping with the spirit of her art, she joined The Florida Womens Art Association and became Vice President and Webmaster of their Board.  Although Ms. Campbell still uses film she has adapted to the digital age by conceding to the convenience of her cell phone camera.  She has experimented in many fields of imagery and found architecture and cityscapes top on her list.  These days she challenges herself with organic abstract, using texture and color.  She says, “By taking out the perception of hard lines only then can you see the genuinely natural anomaly of no lines”.

Kay Botet

Born in New Jersey, Sheila Blow moved to Orlando FL. in 1956.

Although Sheila is primarily a self-taught fine artist she holds an Art Degree in Commercial Art.

Sheila’s paintings are acrylics on canvas, usually of tropical subjects with bold and vibrant colors. She does not always mute the color with neutral grays in order to capture the bold and alive colors that give the tropical subjects their splendor. In this way, she hopes to achieve vitality and life on the canvas that is so obvious in the subject.

Ms. Blow is intrigued with making 2-dimensional forms have the illusion of a 3-dimensional forms giving the illusion the subject is popping off the canvas. She finds her subjects and lays out her designs and compositions either in finding the right positioning of what to paint or creating a design from references from different subjects. She then can make the canvas come alive with vibrant colors.

Sheila is a founding member of the FLWAA having served on the Board as the 1st Vice President. She has served in the position of Central West Regional Director for the NMWA, FL. and Vice President of the Winter Park Branch of the NLAPW. Ms. Blow judges and juries art shows, she has taught, demonstrated and lectured on art. Sheila has/does exhibit her art work in shows, exhibits, galleries, and One Man Shows, winning ribbons for her work.

​Ronda Richley

Lisa Argentieri recently moved to Florida from New York, where she lived all her life and earned her BFA degree at the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.  Since moving to Florida she has joined 4 art leagues, been featured on the covers of Flagler, DeLand, Ormond and Halifax Magazines as well as received 2 awards for watercolor paintings at the Art League of Daytona, FL.  Lisa enjoys painting the Florida landscape, dog portraits, and is now including Motorcycles portraits as well!

Ginger Roberts

She received her Master’s Degree in Painting from California State
University and has taught at the college level, worked as a Victorian Art
Reproductionist. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the
United States, most notably James Harper Fine Arts in Ormond Beach, Ariel Gallery in New York City, Art Affair Gallery in Sanford, and Graham-Horstman Gallery in Dallas.

Ronda received her BFA from the University of Cincinnati. She worked for several newspapers and magazines as Art Director, and was one of the youngest to teach art and design at Sinclair College. At age 24, she launched her own advertising agency.

While living in Los Angeles, California, she worked in product design and
development, where she authored 4 patents and over 100 copyrights and
trademarks. Her illustrations and designs can be found on products worldwide.

Currently she is represented by the International Gallery without Walls and Blackburn Galleries.

“My art takes many forms. Sometimes I try to make statements about the world and my place in it.  And sometimes I just make things. I create what wasn’t there before.”

           – Wendy Wells.

Barbara Ann has been schooled in drawing, oils, acrylics, water colors and pastels.  She has studied with Marta Crawford, Don Kennedy, Pam Greisinger, Pietro Lazari, Stewart Jones, Trish Thompson, Tom Jones, Jane Slivka, Lynn Ferris, Ann Kenyon, Edward Jonas, Sam Ruder, Sharon Fithian, Barbara Baldwin, Sam Ruder, Lynn Farris and Bob Hague.

Organizations and memberships include The Florida Women’s Arts Assn.,  Gateway Center for Arts and The DeLeon Springs. Com. Assn.

Ormond Beach, Florida




​Janet Bernardini taught high school art for 30 years before becoming a media specialist.  She has been very influential in helping inspire young adults to pursue creative endeavors in their adult lives.   Like many young artists, she received her first Gold Key award through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in high school, influencing a lifetime commitment to the arts.

Janet studied fine art in college, ultimately finding a passion for image making through photography.  She produced silver gelatin prints for several years before moving to a digital format.  She has continued to photograph and exhibit throughout her adult life and is the recipient of various awards for her work. 

Focusing on landscape photography, Ms. Bernardini blends her love of hiking, and the mystique of the natural landscape with her own sense of wonder. 

Since moving to Ormond Beach in 2015, she has become immersed in the diverse natural scenery of the Florida wetlands, trails, and environments. 

She invites the viewer to be drawn into these mysterious places for themselves


Working in acrylic and watercolor, Argentieri signature style is free-flowing, organic and fearless with bold, lively color. Lisa’s work is always painted in one session, without the use of preliminary drawings or studies. The pet portraits are charismatic and truly capture the personality of the animal. Her figure/nude paintings have won several awards including the Award of Merit from the famous Salmagundi Art Club.

Barbara Ann Clay – Marshall

Marianne Verna


“With beauty all around us, it seems natural that we should try to imitate it and capture a moment in time to preserve it for future generations.”

Although Born in ’32 Birmingham, Alabama, Barbara Ann grew up in Miami.  She then went on to work in Kissimmee Fl. as a classroom and music teacher.  When she retired to De Leon Springs, Florida she married at 65 to her artist husband.

Rachel Campbell

Vice President / Web Master

Lisa’s work have been selected into some of the most prestigious juried shows such as The Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition, The Allied Artists of America Inc., The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Audubon Artists. Inc., Art League of Long Island's 54th & 56th Long Island Artists' Open Exhibitions and twice into The Long Island Museum at Stony Brook, NY.


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