In recent years, Nancy switched gears from stoneware to earthenware clay.  This challenge developed surface designs and the use of brighter color. In 2013, she and her husband retired to Ormond Beach. With more time to create, she works on wheel thrown functional ware and sculptural slab pieces inspired by life’s adventures and nature. One can follow Nancy Newlove Pottery on Facebook. Being part of area art groups has been fun and encouraging, as her work has gained recognition and earned several awards.  Nancy is a member of Florida Women’s Arts Association, Arts On Granada, The Art League of Daytona Beach and Beaux Arts 50 of Central Florida. 


Nancy Newlove has always embraced Art and the humanities. She earned an Associate Art degree at Green Mountain College in Vermont and after choosing clay as her creative medium, acquired her BFA from Alfred University: College of Ceramic Art and Design.  Her teachers were Val Cushing, Robert Turner, Wayne Higby and others.

 Out in the real world, Nancy’s first job brought her back to Vermont, working in production management at Bennington Potters.  Her next move was to the suburbs of NYC.  She worked and taught pottery at Wondrous Things, Inc. and had her first one woman show in the Silo Gallery.

Once married and a mother of two, attention turned to the job of Ceramic Instructor for Continuing Education, Croton Council for the Arts and teaching art when needed in public schools.  Never leaving clay for long, Nancy was commissioned by the College of New Rochelle to create nativity figures. Her work was displayed in libraries and sold in numerous gift shops and galleries throughout New York state.

Nancy Newlove McElroy