IN THE BEGINNING © 3' x 4' oil by Margé Drew

Kite Dreams © oil 16 X 20 by Margé Drew

Marge Drew

Orange You A Pair © 28.5 x 20.5 watercolor by Margé Drew

I discovered tranquility when I painted in the out of doors,. Tranquility was missing from my very hectic life style. I found that even my storm paintings express a soft quietness once I started painting in the out of doors. I love being part of nature and completely absorbed while painting. All time seems to be suspended then. I've always painted from life; either what I find or set up. Once I purchased a tart topped with blueberries to paint while outside, because where I was did not move me; and yet I still wanted to be painting outdoors. Time is suspended for me when I am painting.

My work has been featured as cover art on a variety of magazines. An In-Room Concierge book also featured me on its cover and through out the book which was found in some upscale hotels in Daytona Beach, FL Two of my large watercolor paintings are collected by the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile, AL for their permanent collection. I have done a solo exhibitions in CA  and in FL. I am an internationally published poet. One of my poems was juried into an exhibition with an assemblage. The judge decided that the poem had to be displayed with the actual piece of art. That poem was purchased over 75 times during that exhibit. I donated that money to that gallery in CA. 

One of my poems was featured as a half page in a "Plumbing and Pipe-fitters Journal". Many electricians and fitter have copies of that poem. It is a long poem written about the guys who I observed when I was fire watch on a construction site in CA. The guys loved it and all wanted copies. I still get asked about it once in awhile. This poem "Tribe to the Weld" validated these guys who spend their lives building monuments that if they stopped the world would come to a grinding halt . Yes, they do sign their work but nobody except them ever sees it. People who look at buildings, etc never even know who they were and my poem validated them in a truly good way. They knew that I truly understood what they did and why they did it.  When I did a reading of that poem my husband was in the audience to hear me read. He shed tears that he now knew that his works was truly known...and that is what the guys also did who wanted my poem.

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Celebration © 28x20 watercolor by Margé Drew