Johanna Riddle

Salsa Til the Cows Come Home

“The magic of art lies in its ability to form a kinship between the viewer and the artist. In that spark of connection, two worlds and perspectives merge. The artist tells her story. The viewer makes fresh interpretations, discovers intricate details, layers their own life experiences over the image. A richer story is born, a new voice heard. Each piece of art ultimately becomes a neverending story.”

There are many ways to see the world. Johanna’s lens on life has evolved from traditional landscape painting and digital photography to abstract mixed media work that references the natural and spiritual world. She freely combines painting, printmaking, collage, and calligraphic mark making. Johanna’s work reflects her interest in texture and pattern, and appreciation for the eloquence of a line. Altered, painted, and dyed papers are layered and incorporated into her art, along with acrylic paint, earth pigments, and sumi ink. Believing that life is comprised of a myriad of small, precious moments, Johanna prefers to produce evocative works of a modest scale. She is currently exploring the idea of art as a series of unfolding, evolving storyboards that can be arranged, rearranged and interleaved to reveal fresh stories. The artist sees this as reflection of individual life stories, viewed from multiple perspectives as we grow and progress, and thusly reinterpreted, layered, and curated over time.

Johanna is represented by The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. 

Spirit Walk #58


This is My Moment

Botanica Marina

One Soul’s Journey and Tanzania, interleaved.