"I am excited by bold, vibrant color and texture. These elements, along with my lifelong love of nature and the outdoors, are reflected in my art."

email: jillbeechermatthew@gmail.com

​Jill Matthew

 Jill Beecher Matthew is an award winning oil painter who uses palette
knives to bring luscious texture, bold and vibrant color, and brilliant light into her paintings. Working both en plein air and in the studio, she especially enjoys painting the beautiful natural surroundings of New England and Florida, and scenes from her travels to the magnificent west coast of Ireland.

Jill has mentored with accomplished artists in Connecticut; studied the style and techniques of Henri Hensche, both at the Cape School of Art, in Provincetown, Mass., and with several of its distinguished alumni elsewhere in the country. She continues to grow in her artistic journey by participating in workshops and classes of special interest. Her works have been displayed and sold in galleries and other venues throughout the CT shoreline and central Florida, and are among private
collections both in the U.S. and abroad. To view Jill's art, please visit www.jillbeechermatthew.com