Janet Bernardini

My images depict my passion for botanicals and landscapes in a narrative of shape and surface, celebrating the power and beauty of nature‚Äôs creations. Each image captures a decisive moment yet chronicles linear time as I frequent the subjects and spaces I love. As we continue to deplete our natural environment, I use my images to mark my emotional response to memory.

There are many photographs/photographers who have influenced my work over time, but I will reference only one: Man Ray's Photograms. He made them by placing objects directly onto light-sensitive paper, which he exposed to light and developed. He is the first photographer whose work I would get lost into for hours, reflecting on the play of shadow and shapebetween the objects. And that I found them playful/beguiling, intelligent/intuitive, my purpose is to do the same.


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Born in Illinois, I migrated to South Florida in 1972 where I earned my BFA from Florida Atlantic University, and spent 35 years teaching art and photography in Broward County public schools. Married with children, I am now happily retired and pursing my passion of image making.