Painter-Mixed Media

Love of crayons and paints before knowing how to walk or talk, my parents saw a tendency needing to be pursued. Art teachers all through grammar and high school took special interest in my natural talent. Having moved around many times during those years bodes well of diverse instructors’ opinions. For formal art education, I attended the Ringling School of Art, Sarasota FL back in ‘63 and ‘64. Even though I did well in my classes, I had realized I felt like I was copying the work of the instructors. Abstract art was very ‘in’ back then, not a total favorite for me. I then got accepted to further my instructions at the Chicago Art Institute but do to lack of tuition, had to turn the offer down. I felt that a huge honor which I have regretted not being able to pursue. Having, then, been a draftsman/renderer for many years, appreciating the freedom away from nitpicking work to me was extremely exhilarating. Hence, my personal favorite work has been in life drawing and landscapes. There are no sharp lines to speak of, or time dating of the nude human figure. Ditto with most landscapes sans buildings or objects. There are times, though, I do once in awhile like to paint urban scenes or other subjects. I just thrive on painting! Very open, free spirited, not being a slave to always realistic colors, form or line, I have a propensity of undisciplined expression, utilizing the flats of pastels or large brushes in oils, my art could be equated with abstract impressionism.

My work has been shown numerous times at art fairs and juried gallery settings. Having won a fair amount of awards is like icing on the cake to me. Lucky are the ones who purchase my work. I only sell originals, period. Sheer love of producing original art keeps me from repetitive work or just trying to please others. I prefer working with live subjects or plein air painting so as not to lose the nuances of nature or the soul of the individual reality alone can supply. Composition is paramount, followed by the laying of whatever medium I choose. I credit my “push the chalk” to Ralph Schroeder, Holland, MI, seeing masses instead of linear use to Barb Perotti, Ormond Beach, FL fluency of body motion to the late Ron Fisher, Daytona Beach, FL and getting me outside, encouraging me past my comfort zone to Trish Beckham, Ormond Beach FL. Special credit goes to my family and many friends who have always been supportive of my art. One final note I wish to make is I have neurofibromatosis, NF2. It is a rare condition in which I have tumors in my brain and on my spine. I have been extremely fortunate that I have been relatively symptom free after the removal of a 2 ½ cm tumor.back in 1989, even though I still have other existing tumors. For this reason, I will donate 10% of my sales to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) located in Bethesda, MD. They are working on cures to diseases in which I was part of their study for 5 years. My way of wanting to help make a difference.

Deborah Moersch