Painter-Mixed Media

For me art is a process; as I add new skills to my toolbox, as I grow as a person and a painter, I will be evolving while developing my interpretation of art as I see it-my own sense of esthetics. All I can do is paint however it comes out of me; if I try to paint to please others whatever raw drive I have that forces me to want to paint will not be genuine. When I paint I am exploring while asking the universe to help me express myself in a way that is translatable.
Having a great amount of curiosity- Science has always fascinated me so why not combine my love of Art with my love of Science by using images from The Hubble telescope, CERN particle collisions, Hurricanes as seen from space or even the chemistry of fireworks for inspiration. These subjects also allowed me to experiment with light by utililizing fluorescent black light paints thereby effectively creating two paintings into one...


Auspicious Reds

Barbara Forristall Scapin

Wavy Lines

The God Particle

Originally from Bucks County Pennsylvania Barb Forristall Scapin's art is in private collections in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.
She is the owner of artofbarb Freelance Concepts. Since moving to Florida, Barb exhibits at Flagler County Art League 2015 to present; The Artists
Workshop Gallery 2017 to present; The Hub on the Canal 2018 to present. She has also shown her work at Hollingsworth Gallery 2013; Salvo Art 2014 to 2016; Gargiulo Art Foundation; Art in Public Places2015 and 2016, Ormond Memorial Art Museum; Art in the Park and Garden Celebration; exhibits 2016, Museum of Art and Science; Halifax Art Fair 2016. Art Basel Miami 2016 and 2017 via Aqua-The Projects Gallery of
Wynwood. She is also a featured artist of Art Pool Gallery in St. Petersburg as well as being a member of Arts on Granada, artist co-op since January 2017 to present.